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Minimalist Inspired Decor

“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris, textile designer, craftsman, artist, writer, typographer

Minimalist design encompasses simplicity and stability. Give your home a clean and refreshing feel by utilizing minimalist decor ideas. There are some basic building blocks of minimalism that are a great place to start if you are looking to make the transition.

Stay away from mass-produced generic items, and take a little time to find unique small production or handmade items. Unconventional shapes and one-of-a-kind pieces are often used as focal points in minimalist design. Re-purposed items like reclaimed wood are great pieces to build a room around, and they bring a back-to-basics feel to any space. Keep the mindset of quality over quantity and invest in a few unique handmade pieces instead of numerous small cheap ones.


A key starting point when transitioning into minimalism is to clear out all clutter. Strip your home down to the basics. An easy way to determine what to get rid of is the question does this have a use? Only keep items that have a specific use, if it is there simply as decor or has not been used in years, it doesn’t belong. Keep your space clutter-free by using the one-in-one-out process. Whenever a new piece is added, it must take the place of something else.


Create a neutral canvas on which to build off of. A feeling of business does not fit with the minimalist mindset, strip away large portions of color and replace them with grays, whites, or tans. Layer different textures using similar colors to create variety while still maintaining a neutral base. Add small pops of color to spice up your space without creating a cluttered look.


Bring outdoors indoors. Natural pieces are a big part of minimalism. Nature goes hand-in-hand with simplicity. Bring the outdoors indoors by building plant walls, displaying foliage throughout your home, and finding ways to incorporate nature’s decor into your home. In the same vein with this idea of using as little as possible and turning to natural resources, is the utilization of natural light. Turn off the bulbs and open the curtains for a peaceful glow, or use exposed bulbs and old-fashioned light fixtures to create the same feel if your home does not provide enough natural light.


Optimize your space. Minimalism is often adopted as a way to make the most of a small spaces by de-cluttering and going back to basics. No matter the size of your space, minimalism will help you make the most of it. Find ways to create unique storage spaces and don’t let any space, not matter how small, go to waste.


“It’s as if many of the middle class have discovered aspiration isn’t about having a home that is large, showy and full of bling and are instead focusing on the private, unpretentious, and sustainable.” – Amanda Talbot, Rethink the Way You Live