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Healthy Home Series: Fresh Air

Naturally, after discussing the health benefits of sunlight I want to discuss the health benefits of fresh air.

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Huffington Post wrote a long article on the benefits of fresh air and I highly recommend that your take the time to read it. A few of their reasons include:

  • Fresh air boosts your immune system
  • The smells in fresh air bust stress and increase happiness
  • Fresh oxygen energizes you


Overall, fresh air is necessary for a healthy life. Fortunately, it is possible to get some fresh air while still being inside (please note: I advocate for spending as much time as possible outside! But it is not always possible to work, cook, and sleep outside so these tips are to help you get fresh air when it is impossible to be outside).

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The first thing to do to introduce fresh air in your home is to open your windows. This easy solution will have an immediate effect on your home. For the best results, open multiple windows in multiple rooms. The more windows that are open, the more cross-ventilation will occur. Cross-ventilation helps to move the old, stale inside air out and replace it with new, fresh outside air. Make sure you have screens on your windows to keep out bugs and leaves.

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Another way to freshen the air, especially if you cannot open the windows is to have an air purifier. Air purifiers remove airborne contaminants and odors. These are especially good for people who suffer from allergies.

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Finally, use houseplants to freshen your home’s air. I know I refer to houseplants a lot, but that’s because they really are perfect for a healthy home. Health Line reports that NASA studies found that houseplants are able to remove up to 87% of air toxins in a room in 24-hours.

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How do you freshen the air of your home? I would love to hear your decor stories! Email me and you may be featured in an upcoming post.

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