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Transforming Spaces


Recently, Apartment Therapy did an article on making your home more livable that really summed up my philosophy on Life Styled Spaces: They discussed how to change unused rooms into usable spaces.

For example, they explained that if you never use your formal dining room for dining, then it’s probably time for it to go. Instead of wasting the space with a huge, never-used table, turn it into a play room or a library.

The point of their article is that unused spaces are not livable. Home owners (or renters) should be comfortable in their home and use every inch of it. So here is my challenge to you:

Take a look around your home, are there any unused spaces? If you answer yes, then sit down and really think about what the space could become. What are your dreams and passions? What have you always wanted to do that you never have the space to do it in? You could transform your formal living room into an at-home gym. Or the playroom in your basement that hasn’t been used since your kids became teenagers could become a movie theater.

So what room have you decided to re-do? I would love to hear your transformation story! Email me and celebrate your Life Styled Home.

To check out Apartment Therapy’s article, go to 365 Day a Year Home.